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Scope Pads are a new and unique way to add protection to your guidescope, and add rigidity to your guidescope and or finderscope.

On guidescope rings, the only way to attach a guidescope or finderscope in a mounting ring, is the use of thumbscrews, that have plastic tips on the end of them.  [Some thumbscrews may not have plastic tips on the end of them.] In order to complete the task of attaching a guidescope securely in the mounting ring, force must be applied from the tip or end of the thumbscrew to the tube body of the guidescope. The guidescope must be clamped and held firmly by these thumbscrews. But when doing this, problems can arise. The ends of the thumbscrews will exert force upon the tube assembly. Since a great amount of force is required to clamp and hold the guidescope, the small area at the end of the thumbscrew will act as a force multipler upon the tube assembly.  This can do a few harmful things upon the tube assembly. It can pinch the optics, dent the tube assembly, warp the tube assembly, scratch the sides of the tube assembly. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this is not good having a lot of force concentrated onto a tiny area on the tube assembly and that you really shouldn't have to have a lot of force to hold the tube assembly. So why not add a simple little piece of curved metal that has a rubber or felt padded surface that will evenly spread out that force from the ends of the thumscrews to a much larger area that is in contact with the tube assembly.

'Scope Pads' are very simple to use. Scope Pads will fit right onto your existing tip of the thumbscrew or on the end of the thumbscrew. On each Scope Pad is a small hole that the end of the thumbscrew slips into, the hole is a little larger than the tip of the thumbscrew, so centering and aligning the guidescope is real easy. That's all, it is that simple. When tighening down on the thumbscrews with the Scope Pad, it will not take much force to get a good rigid mounting of your guidescope. The guidescope will be held firmly.
In the photo to the left, Scope Pads are holding a 100mm f/10 mini SCT. This is a Bausch & Lomb Criterion 4000. This is a 3lb guidescope and the tightening force coming from the standard thumbscrews was pinching the optics. Now using the Scope Pads solved these problems. The stars are nice and round again, and the mounting is rock solid.

Scope Pads are made to the shape of your guidescope tube diameter. Any size can be made to fit any type of guidescope and or finder scope. The size of the diameter, the thickness of the pads, and the length of the pads are all included in the price.
If no requirements are specified then all Scope Pads will be 2.25 inches in length and be .200 inches thick. The size of the tube diameter must be provided, orders will not be filled unless the tube diameter is supplied. All Scope Pads will be black anodized, other colors can be requested for an additional fee. Also included in the price is your choice of rubber or felt padding that is adhered to the concave shape of the Scope Pad. 6 pads are included in the price.