XY Finder
Tau Ceti 2.00 Inch XYF Manual

Don't move your guidescope from side to side or up and down to locate guidescopes. Use The XY Finder instead. Keep your guidescope
aligned and secured to the main scope. The XY Finder will effortlessly move your Auto-Guiding camera acrross the FOV of the
guidescope. Many new versions available, various sizes, motorized and computer controlled. Use the XYF 12.7 and XYF 21 on our
OAGs such as the TC3 OAG or on your own OAG, to find and center guide stars. Various adapters, fitting plates, combo focusers, focusing modules are available. [Click on drawings below, hold mouse over pics]

BRAND NEW - The XY Finder SL. This new version of the XY Finder has many features retained in earlier versions, T-Threaded, LT. WT., thin, plus new features. All adapters included, various threads can be offered, and most importantly less costly.
It has never been easrier to get an incredible product, extremely versatile, at an unbelievable low price.

Flip Mirror Focuser model A [FMFA]
conected to the XY Finder type SL
The FMFA + XYF SL CU [or
Combination Unit]. This provides an easier way of setting up the guiding camera, and guidescope.

Find, focus, and center for:

Autoduiding CCD camera
Guide star

Two highly versatile amd unique products, together providing essentail capabilities and functionality.

XY Finder 35 Manual   XY Finder 35 Motorized Version and Computer Controlled Version.
XY Finder 2.00. Total travel is 2.00". This is a big XY Finder, but it is not our biggest. [ Various adapters available]
XY Finder 1.75. Total travel is 1.75" . Various adapters are available
XY Finder 24. Total Travel is 24mm, T-Threaded. Various adapters available. OAG-yes
XY Finder 21. Total Travel is 20.50mm, C-Threaded. Various adapters available. Small and thin, good on an OAG.
XY Finder 12.7 Total Travel is 12.70mm, Various adapters, plates, available. Very Small and Very Thin, great with an OAG.
An example of using the XY Finder 12.7 on the TC 3 OAG 4 Port, with the TF2 focuser.
Size comparrison of The XY Finder 21, and The XY Finder 12.7