Filter Wheels, an essential component to any imaging setup. Filter wheels can do much more than hold and position a simple piece of color coated glass. What if Filter Wheels could be stacked, hold lenses, hold exotic filters, hold experimental filters, and open up possibilities for research or simple experimentation ? Filter wheels need not be expensive and limited in capability.
Tau Ceti Co. Filter Wheels are designed to be highly affordable, distinctive, and versatile. Shown below is a very small
representation with a lot more to come.
Filter Wheels, Stackable Filter Wheels. Many models to choose from with many more to come.
Lt. Wt., Thin, with many ways to attach to CCD or Telescope. Shown here is a 2.00" - 6 position filter wheel
3 are stacked to accommodate 18 filters

Shown below a complete imaging setup. Motorized XY Finder to guidescope, with very thin focuser for auto guider CCD.
Large + Thin swing mirror focuser connected to 3, stackable 2.00" filter wheels, connected to CCD
A large 2.00" Square 7 position filter wheel is shown attached to a 3.00" Shutter, CCD, and Large Flip Mirror Focuser
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Shown above are possible configurations of the
2.00" round stackable filter wheel unit.
Used as a standalone single unit, next two are bolted together, and last three are bolted together.
Not shown are other possible configurations such as attached modular focusing modules, which could placed between the filter wheel units.
Shown above is a 9 position 1.25" round filter wheel. Thin and light weight. Other sizes, number of filter locations, and even dual wheel versions will be available. Modifications, customizations are easy.
Shown above is a 12 position 1.25" round filter wheel. Thin and light weight. More versions will be available with your choice of threads, integrated nosepieces or receptacles, OD threads, ID threads for easy connections. 1.25" OD or ID, 2.00" OD or ID flanges can be built right into these units, what ever the size or type of flange or thread is desired is no problem.