Got an OAG, [Off Axis Guider] ? Is it hard or tedious to find guide stars, focus them for the auto guider ?
Well Tau Ceti Co. has something that will help make things easier.
Introducing the TF1, and TF2, thin and ultra thin focusers. The TF 1 is 1.00” thick while the TF 2 is .525” thick. These mount as the Cad Renderings show, between the auto-guider and OAG Port. Accessories for the TF1 and TF2 are focusing modules, and custom Mini XY Finders. Eyepieces are included.
For more info as well pricing please email or call.

TF 1
Various adapters, connectors are available, your choice of 2 adapters come with each unit, [both TF1 and TF2 units] V
TF 2
Shown with optional equipment. Small focusing modules {click on all drawings}