XY Finder
Tau Ceti OAG S3
Generic Flip Mirror Focuser
T-Threaded FMF
MFM Basic 2 inch version
Flip Mirror Focusers of various types, sizes. Many versions are under development. Including a whole new series called Master Flip Mirrors or MFM.

Scope Pads are designed to slip over the tips or ends your existing thumbscrews in your guide scope rings. Scope Pads are made to fit the diameter of your tube assembly. Rubber or felt lined, Scope Pads will safely hold your guide scope or finder scope and protect the guide scope form the tips or ends of the thumbscrews.


Mini LED Illuminators

These measure approx. 17.5mm in Diameter. And 41.2mm long. Each LED Illuminator is supplied with a battery. A 8mm X .75 mm thread is on one end while the control knob is on the other end.

These are handy and very versatile little units.


I give the XY Finder a Standing Ovation!
Finally, a useful guiding accessory! The XY Finder eliminates the hassle of centering a guide star and does it in a most novel and eloquent way. Bravo Tau Ceti Co!
If you guide, the XY Finder is ESSENTIAL equipment. I give it the highest recommendation.
Over the past five years, I have actively looked for any device to help with centering a guide star. Each involved moving the guidescope and each had major drawbacks or limitations. The XY Finder by Tau Ceti approaches the problem uniquely and has no drawbacks. It moves the eyepiece, or CCD guider across the field of view instead of the whole guidescope! What a simple and elegant concept! It works on any telescope. It craftsmanship is superb. It is the solution to eliminating ³centering² hassles. Bottom line ‹ IF YOU GUIDE, GET ONE!
The XY Finder can turn any scope into a convenient and easy-to-use guidescope. With it, I have used all my refractors as guidescopes, including my 80mm Megrez, my TV NP 101 and even my AP 155.
I am so please with the XY Finder that I will personally speak or correspond with anyone interested in purchasing this great accessory. It takes the hassle out of finding and centering guide stars. Email me at ken@kenpress.com or call me at (520) 743-3200.
My XY Finder and Flip-Mirror Focuser made by Tau Ceti are now permanently attached to my ST-4 guider. This setup makes short work of focusing, finding and centering guide stars on the CCD chip. In the past, it took me anywhere from 2 to 5 frustrating minutes to get a guide star on the CCD chip. Now, all it take me is a quick and easy 15 seconds ‹ every time.
If you guide with the ST-4, then Tau Ceti¹s XY Finder and Flip-Mirror Focuser are MUST HAVE EQUIPMENT. I only wish these devices were available when I started taking pictures of all the Messier objects several years ago. It would have saved me plenty of frustration!
If you manually guide, or use the ST-4 as an autoguider, the XY Finder by Tau Ceti is an ABSOLUTE MUST. This finely-crafted device finally puts an end to centering hassles.
The number one hassle with using guidescopes is centering the guide star. The XY Finder eliminated this hassle. If you use guidescopes, get the XY Finder and start enjoying smooth and easy setups. You won¹t go back.
I was a Supply Corp officer in the Navy and we had a term, ³Labor-saving Device.² The XY Finder is the ultimate labor-saving device that simplifies and makes short work out of centering a guide star. Bravo Zulu Tau Ceti.

Ken Graun
Author of the following books:
Touring the Universe
What¹s Out Tonight
David H. Levy Guide to the Stars (planispheres)
Our Earth and the Solar System
Our Galaxy and the Universe
Our Constellations and their Stars
Desert Analemma (poster)
The Next Step: Finding and View Messier Objects (Upcoming)

The XY Finder will find guidesatrs through your guidescope without the need for moving and or adjusting the guidescope each time you wish to autoguide. The XY Finder works by moving LEFT or RIGHT and UP or DOWN inside the guidescope's Field Of View [FOV]. The guidescope can remain parellel with the main telescope during all autoguiding operations.

The ST4 Flip-Mirror-Focuser. We still make these unique little focusers, for the ST-4 autoguiding camera. The Flip Mirror Focuser has been improved and features a fully adjustable reticle. The reticle can be adjusted in 3 directions. Also more versions of the Flip-Mirror-Focuser are being designed and built to work with other CCD cameras. Please check back for more info on these newer Flip-Mirror-Focusers. These newer Flip-Mirror-Focuser should be available by the 1st QTY of 2004.

The 2" Barrel Version of the UCMA. This will fit inside 2" Diameter size focuser. And it will hold 2" size eyepieces. We are working on developing more versions of this camera adapter. Stayed tuned for further announcments.